What is SELIVANENKO packing?

The spiral prismatic packing (spp) provides you with the solution for different random packing applications. It is used in home alcohol production, laboratory distillation columns and industrial distillation columns. 

We produce spiral prismatic packing from different materials such as: stainless steel (AISI 321, AISI 316 etc), copper, nichrome and others.

Efficiency of our packing (HETP*) from stainless steel is enhanced by special surface treatment which consist of two operations: heating of packing with water steam (temperature around 850 C) and etching in a diluted solution of aqua regia. 

Our SPP has the following benefits:

- High efficiency. HETP is much lower than for standart SPP;

- Low pressure drop. Hydraulic resistance is about 0.03 bar/m;

- Mechanical stability. Good quality of wire which is used for manufacturing;

- Low investment cost.

* Height Equivalent to a Theoretical Plate

About us


Our team works at Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. 

We have a great experience in production of different types of packing for distillation columns and high level of expertise in using it. We can also offer:

- Patented regular packing (for columns up to 1 m in diameter);

- Dixon rings from st. steel and copper mesh;

Our spiral prismatic packing is used for a sophisticated separation tasks such as isotope separation all over the World.